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The Roanoke Adventist Preparatory School offers one of the Roanoke area's
best values in private education.  We provide quality Christian education
at family friendly prices.  We serve families living in Roanoke, Salem, Vinton
and in surrounding areas throughout the Roanoke Valley!

Thursday, April 20
9:00 to 11:00

We are excited to offer a great Kindergarten program!
On Visitation Day we will meet the students and parents,
assess readiness skills while the students enjoy a fun book, The Very Hungrey Caterpillar.

Please RSVP by calling 540-798-6061 or click HERE to send us an email!

Friday, April 21
12:30 to 2:00

Prospective or transfer students are invted to come meet with the principal,
visit the classroom and gather information
about how learning occurs in a small school setting.
An Educational Success Consultation may be set up
which focuses on the academic and readiness goals of the student.

Please RSVP by calling 540-798-6061 or click HERE to send us an email!
We hope to see you soon!

If you're looking for a way to put your money to work
for kids while giving you an exceptional tax incentive,
you've found it - through the Virginia Tax Credits Scholarships Program.
Your donation helps students get an affordable private Adventist 
Christian Education and most donors receive between 65% - 90%
of their gift back through tax credits and deductions.  

For more information click here to go to the Potomac Conference Education Foundation website.


Roanoke Adventist Preparatory School, in partnership with Southern Adventist University’s
Partnering for Eternity (“PFE”) grant program, enables students to bring joy to the lives of senior citizens
through fun activities such as visiting, reading, and playing games.
When appropriate, they may also provide light housework.
As the young people benefit from the wisdom and mentorship of the older adults.
their time together helps finance the student’s Christian education.
If you would like more information about this program,
please contact Crystal Melius today at 540-798-6061.


Healthy Lunches for Kids!
The Lunch-Box Brigade

Every mom or dad who makes lunches for kids knows the goals: 
(1) their picky eater not tossing their lunch into trash;
(2) avoiding bartering a healthy apple for a pastry cake;
and (3) staying out of the PB&J rut for days on end!
Eating healthfully helps a child do their best school work.
and they need packed school lunches, on average, 180 times a year!
Here's a website to visit for ideas:  HEALTHY EATING


Call now to make an appointment
for a FREE Educational Success Consultation
or Kindergarten Readiness Evaluation.
(540) 798-6061


Would you like a FREE
Educational Success Consultation
Or a
Kindergarten Readiness Evaluation?

 These free consultations will focus on your goals for your child,
cademic preparation and readiness and planning for future choices.
These consultations will also help us,
should you choose our school, to better serve your child.  
Both parents are encouraged to attend the consultation.

You may click HERE and send an email or call us at 540-798-6061

to set an appointment for your free consultation!

Safe and Sound Video Presentation 

Few decisions are as important -- and potentially life-changing --
as choosing a school for your children.  
In this video, you will learn some of the history of Adventist education.
You will hear from some of our committed Christian teachers,
and you will see how Adventist education provides a quality
academic experience in a caring Christian environment.  

Safe and Sound

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